APP WATCH: Google Drive to get updates for iOS and Android

When the Google Drive app launched for iOS, which was some time after it had launched for the Android platform, one key feature was missing. The option to edit.

Yes, bizarrely, in the iOS version of the app, you could access your docs, but you couldn't make any changes within that app. That should be sorted before the week is out. Google mistakenly announced updated versions of its Google Drive apps for iOS and Android, with the document deleted soon after. Not before it was spotted by several people, which is why we know these changes are coming.

Both apps are getting new features, but the option to edit documents on an iOS device is perhaps the most significant one. A new interface for editing documents will be added to the iOS app, as will an option to view Google Presentations.

The Android app will feel some love too, with the ability to create folders, move documents between folders and upload files to specific folders. You will also have the option to create and edit tables in documents and view and present slideshows from Google Presentations. Finally, should you wish, you can comment on documents via the app.

No set date for this update, but it is likely to be offered before the week is out.

Source: TechCrunch

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