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Welcome to our live build-up and coverage from Nokia's New York Lumia launch event (kick off 3pm UK time)! Check out our rumour round-up for what news we're expecting, and our Twitter feed for all of the big updates. UPDATE: The event is now over and our full Nokia Lumia 920 / 820 preview is up!


Big headlines so far

Lumia 920 announced as new Windows 8 flagship phone. Great new PureView camera and wireless charging confirmed.

Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 processor in the Lumia 920, powerful and energy efficient to keep the battery going longer. Wireless charging via Fatboy charging pad.

4.5-inch Nokia PureMotion HD+ screen - the new Lumia 920 screen, better than HD resolution with a refresh rate that keeps moving images sharp and flicker free.

PureView technology captures 5-10 times the amount of light of any competitor smartphone camera, plus image stabilisation for excellent night photos.


Lumia 820 also announced with many of the same features.


Live news




Oh, and that's that. So no massive shocks there then, very little announced that we didn't already know, although we're looking forward to checking out the new camera technology and of course Windows Phone 8. Thanks for reading guys, 'til the Apple event next week!




As Steve Balmer takes to the stage, we've just heard that Nokia's shareprice has dropped 13% since 3pm...eep!


Thank god for Steve Balmer though, spiel about Windows 8 Phone gives us time to rest our wrists...




The Lumia 820 has been revealed. 4.3-inch ClearBlack display with sensitive touch, pretty much all of the same features as the Lumia 920 including wireless charging.


Tons of colours on release, too many to type he's talking so fast! UPDATE: red, white, blue, purple, grey, white & yellow apparently. Nice.


Lumia 820




Some example low-light shots from the Lumia 920 camera, impressive stuff and we're looking forward to testing it out in our review.




Nokia has teamed up with Rovio to produce more Angry Birds content, giving you Angry Birds news, Angry Birds ringtones, Angry Birds walkthroughs...Angry Birds Angry Birds 


New 'Smart Shoot' feature looks good - take multiple photos on a scene where annoying intruders are walking past, and this feature detects moving objects and removes them. 


You can also take multiple shots and then combine them to create a GIF, but only in select segments of the image (while the rest remains still). Kind of creepy...but very cool.




Wireless charging - lots of accessories, from teh Fatboy slabs to docks and stands. 


JBL 'Power Up' speakers are Bluetooth speakers that also have a built-in charging pad on top for the Lumia 920. Lumia 920 also has built-in NFC.






More display talk. The touchscreen works fine even when you're wearing gloves, impressive! Can detect your bare skin but also pressure when you're wearign mittens.




Back to Lumia hardware talk, yes! Polycarbonate shell for Lumia 920's frame, vibrant colours that won't scratch off and great wireless performance. Colours: Yellow, lipstick red, and slate grey all added.




After some impressive hardware reveals, this has gone a bit downhill. Talk of photo filters and saving websites to desktops ain't exactly revolutionary.




Back to the camera, the interface is trimmed down. Pinch to zoom now available, and a new Lenses button. These are basically filters that are applied before you take a photo - turning the screen black and white, etc. Perfect for those arty shots of your mate vomming on a Saturday night.


In more interesting news, you can do multi-shot burst images with the camera, to take lots of photos in quick succession and save the best ones.




You can pin HTML 5 websites to your desktop, for quick and easy access. Oh and thank God, you can take screenshots at the press of a button! This will make our lives a million times easier for hands-on features. Yours, who can tell. You can quickly save these photos on SkyDrive and share them on Twitter and other social media sites as usual.




Now we're seeing Windows 8 features....


You can resize your apps and icons to fit them all in where you want them. 

Windows Phone 7.5 apps still work on Windows Phone 8. Just as well really, starting from 0 again would be a massive problem...


The 'Fatboy' recharge pillow is the name of the new wireless charging dock, amusingly. Coincidentally that's also the name of our office intern. It's a slab that you stick your Lumia 920 on, and it sucks up the power. Virgin Atlantic will place these charging points in the London Heathrow Clubhouse, great news for rich people. The 'Coffee Bean and Tea House' in America will do the same in its branches.




Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 processor in the Lumia 920, powerful and energy efficient to keep the battery going longer. 


Lumia 920




4.5-inch curved glass display confirmed for Lumia 920.

Nokia PureMotion HD+ - the new Lumia 920 screen, better than HD resolution with a refresh rate that keeps moving images sharp and flicker free.

Sunlight readability enhancements react to sun glare to give you a clear view, even in the desert. Good news for those in the Sahara.




Nokia City Lens - another augmented reality app that shows you local services when you move your phone around. Does anyone actually use these things?


Now talk of the navigational features. Nokia Maps will give you true offline maps that work wheter you're connected or not. When you find a route in Maps, you get free voice turn-by-turn navigation, and a daily commute feature that calculates time to your destination based on traffic.




Still on the camera:


"Lighting is generally out of our control"

"We don't have time to fiddle with the settings to capture the perfect moment"

"All too used to dark or blurry photos in dark environments. Blurring is through the shutter being open longer to take in more light. Revolutionary PureView technology captures 5-10 times the amount of light of any competitor smartphone camera, using floating lens tech, reacts to minute movements in your hand to remove blurring. Brighter, clearer images without flash, even indoors and at night".


So image stabilisation will remove blurring from your hand moving when taking low light shots, which is good. Of course, there might still be issues when you're taking a shot of moving objects, we'll have to wait and see when we get a review sample to check out.




Lumia 920

Wireless charging also announced


Better photos captured than any rival smartphone, apparently. Blimey. Does that include the 808 PureView??



So far, lots of jargon and stats, as per usual (we normally allow at least 15 minutes for this, or an hour in Apple's case). "We've been simplying our organisation by removing layers of management." etc. But here we go, the Lumia 920 has emerged!

"The most innovative smartphone in the world" with PureView camera....



And we have blast off. Nokia's CEO has taken to the stage. Places everyone...



Doors are open at the launch venue, we're just half an hour away from hearing about the big new Lumia launches. Time to hit the toilet and sort out some desk snacks - Quavers, or Skips? Hmm...



Nokia's launch event kicks off in just over two hours, and already we're getting teasers from its official Twitter account. Just minutes ago, @nokia tweeted the following:


"Breakfast in New York on a big day for us! Today we dine on Jellybeans"


Along with this picture:


Nokia Jelly Bean pic
















So, possibly some Android releases – or Android baiting – to come...

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