RIP Xbox, long live Android

We took a break from charging around Berlin last Thursday to chat with Igor Stanek, Nvidia's product PR manager, in a cosy hotel suite. The topic was mobile gaming, something that’s exploded in popularity with the introduction of smartphones. Forget Snake and even Snake 2, these days you can play first-person shooters and über-violent action games that look almost as good as their console counterparts.

Igor thinks there's a distinct possibility that your humble mobile device could be the next evolution of gaming, replacing those clunky consoles that sit by your TV, and we’re inclined to agree. In a world where travel and mobility is increasingly important, it’s a massive pain to be displaced from your lounge. Think of all those half-finished games, growing dusty on your shelf while you’re away on holiday or stuck on the daily commute.

Now picture this: all of your games are right there on your tablet. At home, you dock it to your TV and play with a wireless controller, the same as you would with an Xbox or PlayStation game. Then when it’s time to leave, all you have to do is grab the tab and continue your game on the go.


nVidia shows off the latest Android gamesIgor shows off Dead Trigger HD, a fantastic-looking Android shooter streamed via his tablet to his TV and played with an Xbox controller. This is our kind of press conference.


Considering how powerful modern smartphones and tablets are, even compared to just a year ago, we’d be surprised if we’re still tied down by static consoles in a few years’ time. Not only do the biggest Android games already look fantastic on big-screen TVs, but they support full online multiplayer action and are even compatible with 3D TVs.

Nvidia itself is a huge player in the mobile gaming world. Not only does it produce powerful quad-core chipsets such as the Tegra 3 for tablets and smartphones, it’s also responsible for the Tegra Zone Android app which offers direct access to over 50 games. With another 50 games currently in development, it’s a formidable hub for Android gamers to get the good stuff.

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  1. Guest
    Guest7th Sep 2012

    Never going to happen. Ever thought of battery life?? You say play on the move, I could not use a touch screen to play a first person shooter. So in r...

  2. Guest
    Guest6th Sep 2012

    Sorry to say that Mobile STILL cant replace consoles now. Look at the quality of itself. How can you compare Hero of Spartan with God of war - no, you...

  3. Guest
    Guest5th Sep 2012

    pity the games on Android/IOS are still s*** - Quality and not Quant**y please

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