APP WATCH: Downloads come to BBC iPlayer for iOS

It's been a feature many have been clamouring for since the app was introduced, but finally, downloads are coming to the mobile version of the BBC iPlayer.

Not all phones sadly. We'e talking about iOS initially. But if you have such a device, you can download and watch shows on the go on the iPad and iPhone from today. That's good news if you want to load up when data charges are high (when abroad for example) or when connections are poor, like the morning commute. No costs when you download from your home Wi-Fi obviously, limits aside.

According to Daniel Danker, the BBC's general manager of on-demand programmes, 'this fundamentally changes one of the most annoying restrictions about viewing programmes. It means audiences are liberated from the constraints [of online-only viewing] and it fundamentally changes what it means to go on holiday.'

He added: 'With mobile downloads, you can now load up your mobile phone or tablet with hours and hours of BBC programmes, then watch them on the road, on the tube, on a plane, without worrying about having an internet connection or running up a mobile data bill.'

Once downloaded, shows will be available for 30 days, or within seven days of being watched. Up to 50 hours of TV will fit on a 16GB iPhone or iPad, which is surely enough for anyone.

Commercial rivals might not be happy about it, but as mobile owners, we can't wait to load up. Android owners, you'll have to wait, But 'near future' is being talked about, so not too long.

Source: The Guardian

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