Amazon to showcase two seven-inch Kindle Fire tablets

Later this week, Amazon is holding a press event, widely expected to be a showcase for the next generation of Kindle Fire tablets. For months, the speculation has pointed to a refresh of the seven-inch device and the launch of a 10-inch model to take on the iPad. A new report now claims the 10-inch device will remain a rumour.

According to CNET, the larger version isn't being launched this week, if at all, with Amazon instead focusing on the seven-inch format. That should mean a refresh of the current Kindle Fire and an all-new tablet of the same size. Amazon obviously fances its chances against the Nexus 7 rather than Apple's big selling device.

Amazon certainly needs to get back in the game. This time last year, it really made a splash with the Kindle Fire, picking up huge sales in the process. But those sales have slowed down, especially with the arrival of the Nexus 7. The iPad Mini might well appear too, something Amazon is obviously acutely aware of.

Its response is believed to be a slightly upgraded version of the original Kindle Fire, which includes a new user interface. It is also likely to sell for less than the previous $199 price tag. In addition, there is talk of an ad-supported tablet, which could be the same device and another reason why the price is set to drop.

If you want more than just a makeover, Amazon should have an enhanced seven-inch Kindle Fire tablet too, which is said to pack a faster processor, a camera, physical volume controls and an HDMI port. It will also have a larger storage capacity, but still won't be expandable, sadly. No pricing on that, but you suspect it isn't going to be too much more than the original. It's a competitive market out there.

We will find out for sure on 6 September. Of course, all of this is academic unless Amazon starts selling the Kindle Fire in the UK. With the introduction of the Amazon Appstore in Europe, that could also become a reality this week. Although we'll hold back on buying the party hats and poppers until specific confirmation comes from the event stage.

Source: CNET

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