HANDS ON: Toshiba Satellite U920t

Toshiba has just unveiled its sizeable new Windows 8 tablet in Berlin, a 12.5-inch slider called the Satellite U920t. We had the chance to play around at the Toshiba booth and liked what we saw.


Toshiba Satellite U920t


That 12.5-inch HD screen slides back and up to reveal a keyboard hidden beneath, a mechanism used in the Asus Slider tablet from earlier this year. You can still use the touchscreen even when it’s upright, and a solid hinge mechanism means you can prod away without the screen wobbling all over the place. The spacious screen seems to be excellent for both work and play, whether you’re creating some massively complicated spreadsheet or simply kicking back with a film.


Toshiba Satellite U920t


The Satellite U920t is a chunky beast, almost 20mm thick when closed up. It’s fairly hefty at around 1.5kg too, so you won’t want to wield it one-handed, but it’s comfortable to grip in both hands for enjoying a movie.


Intel Core processor with integrated graphics and up to 8GB of RAM (full UK specs still to be confirmed), giving you plenty of power for all of your apps.


Toshiba Satellite U920t


Two USB ports can be used to hook up peripherals, and a built-in ambient light sensor can be used to automatically adjust the screen brightness for comfort. You also get GPS support and Wi-Fi, but there’s no option for 3G roaming.


Although keyboard tablets are no rare thing at IFA 2012, the Satellite U920t stands out thanks to its size. Having the keyboard as part of the device instead of a separate dock means you’re stuck with a girthy machine, but if you’re a constant typist and aren’t too fond of compact tablets, the Satellite U920t is worth a gander. You’ll need to save up a good chunk of change, however: the tablet is expected to sell for around 1,000 on its release at the end of October.


Toshiba Satellite U920t

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