IFA 2012: Asus launches AiCloud home cloud server

Hot on the heels of its Windows 8 tablet announcement, Asus has just made the Wi-Fi router exciting with the launch of AiCloud, a suite of online services that let you create a private cloud storage hub in your very own home.

Cloud Disk lets you plug any USB drive into a supported router so that all the files on that drive are instantly accessible in the 'cloud'. Android and iOS devices will be able to download the AiCloud app to them stream these files, while computers can also grab them – all without you actually having to upload them to a cloud hub like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Smart Access also allows any networked computer to be part of your 'home cloud' so that anyone in the home network can easily grab the files, whether they use Windows, Mac or Linux.

Finally, Smart Sync automatically keeps all drives and devices on your network synced with an Asus WebStorage account, and even other AiCloud hubs if you and your friends or family want to keep all content perfectly in line.

We'll have an update on when AiCloud will be available soon!

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