HTC Proto should launch as Desire X

If one retailer had given a new name to a previously leaked handset, we would have been more than a little sceptical. But when at least four retailers describe the HTC Proto as the HTC Desire X for initial orders, we suspect these people might just have had a tip off.

The image used in the ads is the same one as we featured last week (and here), which is where the connection comes from. So far, retailers Multitech, ClickOK, Elkjop Business and Elgiganten Business all have vague listings for the Desire X, but no confirmed details about the phone. None of those sites have a shelf date either, but with retail listings already going up, we would expect this to be another of the IFA launches.

Details of that specification have broken previously, so we do have an idea of just what the Desire X will offer and where it will fit in within the HTC range. On the latter point, it's probably somewhere between the One X and One V, judging by the price, which is equivalent to £288. Mind you, with HTC rumoured to be reducing prices, it might be more high-end than we think.

Possibly not though, as the details that have come through point to an Android smartphone with a five-megapixel camera and 4GB of internal storage. There's also said to be as a processor twice as fast as that in the One V, along with 512MB of RAM.

All could be revealed before the week is out, along with any UK launch details.

Sources: SlashGear and TechNytt

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