iPhone 5 sales likely to start on 21 September

All the speculation points to an iPhone 5 launch from Apple on 12 September, but now it is looking a little more likely that you could have one in your hand by 21 September.

Well, you could if you happen to be buying Apple's latest mobile hardware in the US. According to a 'trusted Verizon employee' (not that we are suggesting that there is another kind), all staff holidays have been refused over the period of 21-30 September. It's obviously for a big sales drive, with only one device capable of causing such disruption.

That date does fit in well with a 12 September announcement, forming an almost identical pattern to the previous year's launch, albeit around a month earlier. We have heard a whisper that international launches could be later though, so you might want to work to a more conservative 5 October date for the UK.

The holiday blackout might not just be for iPhone 5 demand though – that much-rumoured iPad Mini could slip out too. According to MacRumors sources, Apple has 'informed a number of authorised European resellers' to give over more floor space to the company's iPad line. It could mean Apple doing the hard sell for the current iPad, but it could also mean a new model is about to drop.

The 12 September date has been talked about, offering Apple the chance of a double whammy in the mobile market. But other sources claim Apple is looking at a later October launch. Presumably to satisfy demand for both new devices.

More questions than answers right now, but at least half of them should be answered on that magical 12 September date. At least, that's the theory.

Sources: Apple Insider and TechCrunch

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