No BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone

If you have, say, an Android or iOS device, there's a good chance that you take access to the BBC iPlayer services for granted. But if you've opted for Windows Phone, it is something you probably still dream about and hope for.

Why no BBC iPlayer for Microsoft's platform? Basically, it seems to be incompatible. When asked about bringing iPlayer to Windows Phone, the BBC's on-demand head Daniel Danker responded by saying it isn't cost- or time-effective for the corporation to bring iPlayer to Windows Phone, because there is a lack of support for HTTP live streaming on Microsoft's mobile platform.

He added that live streaming is also impossible because of a 'bug' in the software that can't secure the session, breaking the BBC's copy protection system on the mobile devices. It seems that Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a solution to it. Until Microsoft comes up with that solution, the BBC isn't going to even look at an app for Windows Phone.

So if you have a Windows Phone and a love of the BBC's output, you might be in for a long wait before you get to see your TV favourites on the go. Hopefully it will be sorted out eventually. When it is – and the app is finally ready – we will let you know. Just don't hold your breath in the meantime.

Source: Engadget

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