LG Optimus Vu landing in September

Turns out Samsung's 5.3-inch Galaxy Note is not alone – the giant phone/tiny tablet will be joined here in the UK by the LG Optimus Vu, a five-inch handset that challenges you to call it a phone.

Like the Galaxy Note, the Vu sports a super responsive touch-screen that works with a bundled stylus so you can scribble and draw to your heart's content. Interestingly, unlike the Note – and most smartphones – it's built to a squarer, more squat 4:3 aspect ratio.


LG Optimus Vu hands on


LG Optimus Vu - stylus


We had a hands-on preview with the device at Mobile World Congress, where LG said there were no plans to release it outside South Korea and Japan. Now the Korean manufacturer has announced that the phone-or-tablet (no, there's no need to garble two words into one to refer to it) will be available globally in September, after it sold 500,000 units in its home market.

Originally stated to run on a dual-core 1.5GHz chip, that's now been bumped up to a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3, as in LG's recent Optimus 4X HD. LG also confirmed it would launch with Ice Cream Sandwich – all the better to tangle with Samsung's soon-to-launch Galaxy Note II?


Source: Android Central

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