Sony gives PlayStation Mobile an official launch

This is a little confusing. Last year Sony launched the PlayStation Suite, later confirming a name change to PlayStation Mobile. Now the full details of the new mobile gaming platform have been revealed.

This autumn, PlayStation Mobile will start to roll out in the UK (and elsewhere) a cross-platform gaming system that isn't limited to mobile phones, but will include phones and tablets. More than 50 different third party developers in Japan and Europe, plus a further 30 in the US, will create content for the new platform. Which should add up to plenty of gaming choice.

If you have the right hardware, all you will need is an existing PlayStation ID, which will be used to purchase games directly from the PlayStation Store. Yes, this operates outside Google Play. Talking of hardware, the initial press release mentions the HTC One series of smartphones and a number of Xperia phones – pretty much all the recent launches from the Play onwards. The Sony Tablet S and Tablet P are also mentioned.

On top of that, Sony announced that Asus will become a certified partner too, so expect devices made by that particular company to boast PlayStation compatibility in the near future too.

Downside? Well, according to Sony, current PlayStation games (PS one classics) for PlayStation Certified devices will no longer be offered for download. That probably makes sense, but you'll know for sure in a couple of months, when PlayStation Mobile starts to appear on smartphones. When it goes live in the UK, we'll let you know.

Source: Engadget

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