iPhone 5 pre-orders could start on 12 September

There's not long to go until Apple launches its next generation iPhone, a handset we're currently calling the iPhone 5 for obvious reasons. The launch event is almost certainly scheduled for 12 September – and pre-orders could start the same day.

The iMore site is claiming inside information on the actual sales, with that info pointing towards iPhone 5 orders starting on the same day as the launch in the US. So where does it leave the UK? Well, the site claims that the second round of iPhone launches, specifically 'international markets', will begin on 5 October. That's likely to include us.

How good is the information? Well, the site claims the details on Apple pre-orders comes from 'sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past', while the info on the international launches was leaked by contacts that have provided 'accurate information in the past.' So not set in stone, but it sounds like a decent guide to what could happen.

Whether Apple launches an iPad Mini too is still very much speculation. But if it does, it is unlikely to launch in the same timescale. Single devices have knocked out Apple's website in the past. A double high-profile launch might throw it into meltdown.

Source: iMore

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