Samsung to launch black Galaxy S III

It's not official, but indicators are now pointing to the launch of a Samsung Galaxy S III in black.

How do we know? Well, we don't, but two big clues lead us to think that it will be here – and soon. Firstly, Samsung posted up a couple of snaps, including the one here, on Facebook. It might have been by accident, or it could have been to intentionally drum up some expectation for a new colour. Either way, the phone in black seems very real.

If that's not enough for you, here is that other clue. An 'insider' at Carphone Warehouse got in touch with the Android Police site with a screengrab of the company's internal database. Listed on it is 'Samsung Galaxy S3 Black', alongside the existing blue and white models. Seems pretty definitive to us.

It might launch at the IFA event and represents something of a u-turn for the colour black. Once the standard colour for every mobile phone on the market, it's now a special edition. Funny old world.

Sources: Unwired View and Android Police

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