O2 advertises ice-cream based on sunshine

If there's one thing better than free internet, it's ice cream at the same time. Especially when it's hot.

Us and O2 are apparently on the same page, because the network that recently launched free Wi-Fi in central London is now using GPS and the sun to calculate the best time to send you ads on a free icy snack courtesy of Wall's Ice Cream while you're surfing O2 Wi-Fi.

It's called Thermal Targeted Proximity Messaging, a contextual and location-based marketing technology that supports the Wi-Fi tower placements and is triggered by a particular temperature – and only when the sun is out.

O2 Media MD Claire Valoti said: 'We have big plans for Thermal Messaging because of the increased accuracy in terms of delivering the right message to the right consumer and the ability to message a consumer based on the British weather, something we know many of the brands we work with are hugely interested in.'

Seven squares in Westminster are currently covered by O2's free Wi-Fi: Exhibition Road, High Street Kensington, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street/ Regent Street, Leicester Square and Piccadilly.

Like the Virgin Media Wi-Fi service covering the London Underground, O2 Wi-Fi is free to everyone regardless of your current mobile or broadband provider, and consumers need to register just once to automatically connect the next time they enter the area.


EDITED: It wasn't free ice-cream... just free ice-cream ads.

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