Top 5: Navigation apps

Where are you? Whether or not you know the answer to that question, these location-based apps will enrich your knowledge of your current position with augmented reality overlays, advice on the cheapest (and nearest) fuel, and, for the outdoorsman, seriously detailed info on altitudes, latitudes and other map-friendly terms.   


Localscope (Cynapse)




A navigation app that aggregates location-relevant info from every corner of the internet to provide a startling knowledge of where you currently are.



PetrolPrices Pro (Fubra Ltd)

iPhone, Android

Petrol Prices


Crowdsourced info on the cheapest nearby petrol prices is delivered right to your smartphone. Your first fuelling will save you the app price, for sure.



Spyglass (Pavel Ahafonau)

iPhone, iPad




Navigation apps are useful when you’re out walking, as well as driving, so Spyglass provides a highly details augmented reality overlay for the outdoorsman.



Car Locator (Lindy Labs)



Car Locator


Combining Google Maps overlay with a traditional radar-style indicator, this app keeps track of your parking time and helps you locate your ride.



Theodolite Pro (Hunter Research and Technology) 

iPhone, iPad


Theodolite Pro

For the serious orienteering enthusiast, this app provides real-time information about your position, altitude, bearing, inclination, direction, range and more. Serious, but feature rich.



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