YouTube to be removed from iOS 6

First, the bad news. YouTube has been left out of developer versions of iOS 6 and will not be present when iOS 6 launches for the iPhone and iPad. Good news? A solution is on its way from Google.

The reason is simple. Apple has confirmed that its licensing deal with Google for the use of YouTube has ended. It added that 'users can still use YouTube via the Safari web app', but that's not really the ideal solution. However, Apple did say that Google is 'working' on another version, which is likely to be a standalone version of the app you can choose to download from the App Store. So not the end of the world.

Don't fancy losing the app? Well, don't upgrade to iOS 6 then. I know, it's a tough one, but hearing that the YouTube app 'would remain on iOS 5 and older' does offer that stark choice.

Google does pretty decent apps on its own though and it gives the company the opportunity to rework the app for the next generation Apple device. In short, it's likely to be an impressive affair and is probably going to be ready for the iOS rollout later this year. Specifically on 12 September, if rumours are to be believed.

So no YouTube in iOS 6, but it's certainly not the last you've seen of YouTube on the iPhone or iPad.

Source: Engadget

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