ZTE will launch high-end Windows Phone 8 handset

ZTE has confirmed its commitment to Windows Phone 8, with at least one Windows Phone 8 device launching in 2013.

The company isn't given away any spec details, but given the multi-core processors supported by Windows Phone 8, it's likely the handset will match the dual-core ZTE Grand X, or even the quad-core Grand Era that's pipped to be launching at the end of the year.

'We see Windows as an important platform so we'll support that next year. The handset will be a mid-to-high end device, though the actual spec is not locked down yet,' said Chris Edwards, European marketing and business development director at ZTE. 'In the smartphone space, we reach the mid- to high-end prepay. We want to extend into the mid-range postpay,' he added.  

Edwards said that while the company would not be creating devices with high-end spec lists, 2013 would see mid- to high-end handsets sold at the ‘value proposition’ prices ZTE is known for.

Edwards said that the company could keep prices lower than competitors with similarly specced devices because of its reduced marketing investment.

'We are very focused in communicating with target customers and partners,' he said. “We don’t spend above the line for general market activity, which we see as wasted communication.'

The company currently has two low-cost Windows Phone 7 devices on market, the Tania (pictured) and Orbit.

Edwards added: 'Next year, we’re moving up in terms of price and customer reach.'

ZTE is now the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer by global sales, a figure that includes both its white label and own-brand devices.

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