We'd pay $800 for an iPhone 5 if...

Trending on Twitter right now is the bizarre and seemingly unfounded rumour that Apple's iPhone 5 will cost a mighty $800 (£512) on launch. Apple's iPhones have always come with a hefty pricetag, especially the most feature-packed models – for instance, the iPhone 4S 64GB version cost $650 when it first emerged last year, while a jewel-encrusted version will set you back $6m. We can see a mega-swish version of the iPhone 5 costing $800, but we'd be shocked if a cheaper model isn't available too. In any case, Apple has yet to release any pricing information, so this is almost certainly a made-up bit of nonsense.


The most expensive iPhone in the worldThis is the most expensive iPhone money can buy. It comes in a box covered in gems and bits of dead dinosaur. For real.


All the same, Twitter is blowing up with suggestions for fab new features that would make the iPhone 5 worth $800. For instance:


  • Turning on 'Flight Mode' turns the iPhone 5 into a jetpack


  • Pressing the 'Home' button actually teleports you home – useful for those drunken nights out, when you want to avoid the often treacherous last bus home


  • Siri better 'twerk' on demand – being moderately uncool middle-class crusties, we looked this one up. Apparently it means to 'work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end'. Thanks, Urban Dictionary!


We'd probably be tempted if Siri was replaced with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who could tell one how to behave graciously in formal situations or share important advice on keeping racist relatives in check. Still, we reckon we'll just wait and see what the real price is. In the meantime, check out our guide to the world's most ridiculously swish and expensive smartphones...


Let us know what cool new iPhone feature you'd pay $800 for, or if you'd tell Apple to take a running jump...

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  1. Guest
    Guest3rd Aug 2012

    Why have you given us the cost in dollars?

  2. Guest
    Guest2nd Aug 2012

    You get what you pay for with the iPhone and they are very good at holding their vaule when it comes to the next one being launched. I can get about £...

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