HTC working on new Facebook phone

I know, we have seen Facebook phone or two from HTC before, like the HTC ChaCha (pictured) and the HTC Salsa, which you can find out about here. But this is a new HTC Facebook phone in the pipeline.

I can hear the groans now, but no, this isn't just another 'dedicated Facebook button' stuck on an Android smartphone. According to Bloomberg, the new phone will use a modified operating system while Facebook has assembled a team of former Apple programmers to work on it, as we hinted at in a previous article.

Last year, Facebook also bought Push Pop Press, a digital publishing software maker co-founded by two designers who helped build the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad software. You can see where Facebook is looking to for inspiration. But the company simply needs a phone on the market to get a foothold in a growing sector.

'Usage is shifting to mobile, and they have not been able to monetise mobile,' said Victor Anthony, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets Inc. 'To the extent that it's a device you own and carry around with you at all times, and it ties into the Facebook experience, it will be beneficial. They could then put a lot of ads onto the platform.'

This is unlikely to be 'iPhone lite' though. Facebook could use a modified version of Android for its smartphone, a platform HTC is very familiar with. Nothing is clear as yet, and the device is not expected to launch until the middle of 2013. Plenty of time for changes of mind and changes to the mobile landscape, so expect this one to run and run.

Source: Bloomberg

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