Jelly Bean coming to Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III

The Ice Cream Sandwich rollout was a long and painful process for Samsung Galaxy owners, but it looks like upgrades to Jelly Bean will go through a little more efficiently.

According to the Sam Mobile site, progress is being made towards updating both the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III. The S III we expected, but we were never quite sure if its predecessor would share the Android update love. Saying that, it's not around the corner.

The site, citing an insider, claims Samsung is looking to keep its high-end devices up to date, kicking off with the recently-launched Galaxy S III. It believes Samsung is 'almost ready to update' the S III to Android 4.1, although no official statement has been made. August/September is being talked about for the rollout though.

As for the Galaxy S II, well that's now in for testing with the updated OS and no firm decision has been made. But the 'chances are very high' that the upgrade will go through without a hitch. Great news for anyone who hasn't got a phone upgrade due for some time.

The site also claims there is a good chance of Jelly Bean coming to both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 as well, but that's down to instinct rather than firm evidence. If we hear anything about either of those models, we will let you know.

Source: Sam Mobile

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