Multiple Amazon Kindle Fire tablets could launch

Like buses, you wait forever for one Kindle Fire, then six turn up all at once. At least, that's what could be happening with Amazon's Android tablet.

According to new reports, Staples US Retail president Demos Parneros has hinted at the existence of five or six upcoming tablets, including a 10-inch model of the budget device - likely to compete against the iPad. The 10-inch model is said to have a quad-core processor, front-facing camera, Micro USB port, and possibly an HDMI-out port. It's also said to be a step up in design too. You wonder if that also means a step up in price. Time will tell.

As for the other Kindles, that's anyone's guess. Current opinion suggests at least one will launch imminently, as Amazon looks to refresh its current budget seven-inch model, but there are no clues about the other models.

They could be variations on a theme, especially when it comes to storage or connectivity options, possibly even display resolutions or screen sizes. Either way, it looks like Amazon wants to hit the Christmas market hard.

But will it hit the UK market hard? That's something we're still waiting to hear.

Source: PC World

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