Nokia talks revenue sharing with networks

Nokia is promising 'Something Amazing' in September, which is likely to be the first Windows Phone 8 Lumia handset. When it does arrive, it could be greeted a little more enthusiastically by some networks than previous models.

That's because selected networks could be benefitting financially from the uptake of new Nokia phones. According to a report in the Financial Times, Nokia has entered secret negotiations with European operators about exclusive launches of Windows Phone 8, although, as yet, nothing has been signed.

It's a break from the usual Nokia tactic of offering hardware widely, attempting to get as many phones out there as quickly as possible. The new approach would mean dedicated partnerships and dedicated support, using just one or two networks in Europe.

In return, according to one person with knowledge of the talks, Nokia will offer those networks a financial stake on the success of the range. In short, the more you sell, the more money lands in the lap of the networks. Which would make promoting the platform financially attractive. Previously, Nokia has hinted that European networks have been less-than-keen on promoting the Lumia range. This sounds like a reaction (or a solution) to that.

Obviously this is nothing new – Apple did something similar when the iPhone launched back in 2007. But the difference here is that the iPhone was the must-have gadget back then. Windows Phone 8 only aspires to that.

True or not? We will find out as autumn approaches.

Source: Reuters

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