Nokia promises 'Something Amazing' in September

Not a lot to go on here, but Nokia is promising something special this September.

Actually, it says 'Something Amazing Is Coming…' in a sign outside its Helsinki flagship store, adding the date '7.9.2012'. The fact that the sign is in English perhaps means Nokia has one eye on the wider audience, but right now, we don't know what the 'Amazing' is.

Of course, it could be a Windows Phone 8 handset. The date is just after Nokia World, so you suspect that the Finnish giant will show off a new flagship phone around that time. If Nokia is still working with Microsoft (and it should be), a new Lumia is a good bet.

But if you want a wildcard, how about an Android-powered Nokia phone? Nokia has previously hinted that it had a back-up plan if sales of the Lumia range don't improve. If the recent sales figures got alarm bells ringing at the company (a loss of €1.3bn in the first quarter of 2012), that could well happen.

It's the less likely option though, especially with the Nokia Lumia 900 doing pretty well in the US since launch. Right now, we'll just have to sit and wait – although we're pretty sure a leak or two will appear well ahead of any launch event.

Source: My Nokia Blog

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  1. Guest
    Guest20th Jul 2012

    Something amazing? Hmmmm...Nokia CERTAINLY needs it! Now what WOULD amaze me would be a full blown Quad core ANDROID handset with the traditional Noki...

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