FITNESS WEEK: The best apps to get fit

If you're like us, you've been watching all the Olympics build-up and feeling a bit glum. After all, it's hard to watch these finely-toned athletes posing for the cameras while you're sat on your sofa squeezing your beer gut.


Well, fret no longer! This week we've been blogging about the biggest and best iPhone/Android/Windows Phone apps to get in shape, sort out your diet, and stay healthy. We've put ourselves through torturous training regimes, and aside from a few stiff limbs and occasional tightness around the chest, come through unscathed to feed you our thoughts and reviews.


Monday: Get fit with your phone - the best exercise and training apps

Tuesday: iPhone exercise accessories - stick a dongle in to measure your progress

Wednesday: Great diet apps - eat only the very best foods, and cut out the calories

Thursday: General health apps - sleep well, feel good and teach yourself vital first aid

Friday: Sports games - skip training and give your thumbs a work-out instead...

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