Apple iPhone 5 to use super-thin screen

Apple is feeling the heat from the competition, not least Samsung, forcing it to really push the boat out when it comes to the screen of the new iPhone. According to a new report, it could be the thinnest ever.

The WSJ claims Apple is working with Sharp, Japan Display Inc and LG Display to mass-produce a screen using in-cell technology. That screen integrates touch sensors into the LCD, which means no extra touch-screen layer is required. That makes the screen thinner and enhances the quality of images.

That would make the screen costs cheaper too, as well creating more room for other components, such as batteries for example. On the downside, it is a more difficult item to manufacture. Which makes the prospect of screen shortages a real possibility. Yes, the likelihood of new iPhone stock shortages is already rearing its head.

One thing that isn't likely to be in short supply is the SIM card to go in it.

According to the Financial Times, networks are placing multiple orders for a new nano-SIM, likely to be in the new iPhone 5. Operators across Europe are said to be wary of what happened at the iPhone 4 and original iPad launch, which used a new micro-SIM. Basically, most underestimated demand for the SIM. The nano-SIM, as you might have guessed, is smaller than the micro-SIM, which means one will be needed for every new iPhone.

Stockpiling now does indicate a launch might be sooner than we think. There have been rumours of a September launch, which is now looking a little more likely.

Sources: WSJ and

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