Samsung Galaxy S III coming in crimson red

If the choice of white and 'pebble' blue doesn't quite do it for you, the Samsung Galaxy S III  might have another colour on the market to tempt you soon – crimson red.

Yes, it looks like another colour could be heading to these shores after US network AT&T offered its customers the new red shade. According to Crave (which mocked up this image), Samsung has confirmed that new colours will be arriving in the UK 'in due course'.

The plural is interesting, as it could mean red is just one new shade for the big-selling smartphone. That wouldn't be a surprise, as colours are always a good way of boosting sales. Especially with a new iPhone on the horizon.

As for the phone itself, that's exactly the same, although that's no bad thing in light of our five-star review. But there is always the chance that Samsung could roll out new and colourful models with the upgraded Android Jelly Bean operating system. If the rollout for existing phones is around that time, it would certainly make a lot of sense.

When we hear specific dates and details for the new colours, we'll let you know. And don't forget that you can win a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII simply by voting in our annual Mobile Choice Awards!

Source: Crave

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