O2 service back up, CEO promises compensation

The giant O2 outage of the last day is over, with CEO Ronan Dunne saying he's 'embarassed' and will make it up to the 7.5 million customers who were hit by the 2G and 3G blackout from 1pm yesterday (11 July).

Dunne made a public apology in a Sky News Interview, where he also said an investigation was ongoing into the cause of massive outage.

About a third of O2's 20-plus million customers were affected, and Dunne said he would make it up them 'in an O2 way'. London's Boris Bikes were also out of commission for a while, as the docking stations use O2's 3G network.

O2 has had a service status page up all day today updating customers on the state of repair – 2G service came back on in the morning while 3G returned in the early afternoon. At around 5pm, O2 announced via its Twitter feed that the problems had been rectified and customers will be compensated for the misery of the outage.

Its first tweet said: 'Now the network's back, we remain focused on identifying the root cause of the incident. We want to restore confidence and trust.'

This was quickly followed by: 'For those customers affected by the lack of service, we will be doing everything we can to make it up to them in an O2 way.'

We're wondering if that means free or discounted tickets for upcoming events, although this would have to be for nationwide events rather than just concerts at the O2. Knocking some cash off the monthly bill would be welcomed by many, we're sure.

Dunne added in his interview, 'I'm a customer myself and I know how important service is. This shouldn't have happened and I'm going to make sure that it doesn't happen [again]. But it's a really complex system we operate – [we deal with] 125 million calls a day, 120 million texts a day.'

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