APP WATCH: Google+ now available for the iPad

The iOS app for Google+ has been updated and with it, a new iPad-specific layout has been rolled out.

It's a social network you either love or…well, hate is a bit strong, 'ignore' might be a better word. But Google+ is certainly growing in popularity, and an app like this is certain to pull in new converts.

Designed for the larger screen, especially the Retina display, the iPad app streams content based on popularity, type and orientation, You can also pinch and expand posts in your stream to add comments, use two fingers to drag a post from your stream to 're-share' it and start a hangout from your iPad, as well as being able to stream it to your TV using AirPlay.

The app itself, both iPhone and iPad, now allows you to create and manage events on Google+ – post a comment, upload a photo or check who is going from your mobile device. All past events are also saved, so you can relive them if you wish.

Finally, you can start a Hangout from 'anywhere' with your iPhone or iPad, starting a video chat with up to nine friends, or 'ringing' those that are not online. They can call you back with a single click if they want in.

The app is free and available now.

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