APP WATCH: Twitter rolls out improved mobile apps

Twitter has some new apps on the market, improving its offerings for both Android and iOS devices.

The most obvious change is the introduction of expanded tweets on the mobile platforms. When you tap a tweet linking to a specified site, you can play the video directly from the tweet details view in your app, for example. You can also read article summaries or view images for those specified sites too. Which sites? The likes of Etsy, Kickstarter and Vimeo are mentioned, so you can expect it to apply to a number of big name web sources.

Also included is the option to 'experience events' with Twitter. The app offers easy access to the best tweets and photos for events, such as major sporting occasions. Other updates include search autocomplete and more notifications, including the option to get notifications from people you follow whenever they send a new tweet or 'retweet'. Just turn on push notifications for tweets for any user via the action button on a profile, and edit these notifications in your account settings on your device.

All of this should be available now, although some features are dependent on specific smartphones. Just go and download the app or update your existing app to get the latest mobile Twitter.

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