Google Nexus 7 lacking key content in UK

It's the hot launch of the moment, but when it lands in the UK, the Google Nexus 7 will be lacking a few of its headline features.

The tablets hits the UK on 19 July, priced from £169, and on the face of it, offering good value for anyone wanting an Android tablet. But when it hits UK shelves, it will land without music, magazines or TV shows after failing to strike rights deals with several media groups in this country.

It's a similar situation to the Kindle Fire last year, but whereas Amazon decided against a launch, Google is pushing ahead. A Google spokesman said: 'We want to bring different types of content to as many places as we can, but we don't have anything more to share on timing. We plan to continue expanding the Movies & TV shows category to more countries in the coming months.'

Both Google and Amazon still have to work out deals, the latter perhaps with one eye on a Kindle Fire launch in Europe later this year. Deals have to be done for individual countries, which will be a long and costly process.

'There is certainly a big question mark over how worthwhile it is to device manufacturers building those relationships,' said media analyst Mark Mulligan.

'It is not just the cost of licensing but the difficulties of licensing and how you might have to compromise user experience. It is harder for Google to get as much back from the very significant investment that this requires.'

Google hopes to dominate this budget sector of the market with the Nexus 7,  but a lack of rights could hinder its worldwide sales. Even worse, it now seems likely that Apple will be producing a rival iPad Mini – and Apple does have the rights in place for media already.

If Apple comes in at the right price for its new tablet, Google could find itself pushed out.

Source: The Guardian

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