GADGET WATCH: Masterplug with USB

Maybe you know you're beyond help when extension cables get you excited, but the Masterplug with USB did so much to clear up a cable-tangled corner that we are, in fact, pretty psyched.

The hard drive-sized chunk of electrical goodness plugs into the mains via a one-metre lead, and packs four three-pin sockets and two USB ports on top – perfect for a couple phones and various combinations of a tablet, two laptops, lamp and NDS Lite. You know, standard bedroom stuff.

When active, a power indicator glows blue so if any of your devices doesn't charge, you can at least tell whether it's an issue with the device or you simply forgot to flick the wall switch on.

You can also get smaller Masterplugs that go directly into the wall.

The Masterplug 4 Socket USB Charging Extension Lead is available for £18 from online retailers.

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