More iPad mini speculation arises

We haven't heard much about the rumoured iPad mini for some time. But with the Google Nexus 7 now launched and details of a Kindle Fire 2 also coming to our attention, a smaller and supposedly cheaper iPad is being talked about once more.

Back in May, we heard that a seven-inch device was said to be launching in October. The price back then was said to be $200-$250, but 'various analysts' now claim that the smaller iPad will sell for a slightly more costly $250-$300. With the Nexus 7 starting at $199, Apple is not necessarily looking to compete on price. It will have to keep the hardware up to a standard too.

With regard to that, details have also emerged on the iPad mini's screen. Apple is said to be going with a Sharp-made IGZO LCD panel for the display. Those screens are capable of pixel densities up to 330 ppi, which means they should be capable of maintaining the Retina display that's now a key part of the iPad.

So a smaller tablet, but one that's very much in line with the bigger model, albeit with a smaller (but not budget) price tag. Expect this one to keep running until that launch, which should be in about three months.

Source: Pocketnow

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