BlackBerry 10 roadmap leaked

Last week, we heard Thorsten Heins, president and CEO of RIM, confirm that BlackBerry 10 had been pushed back until 2013. Now, it seems we have the evidence in writing.

The BlackBerry OS website has got its hands on a leaked BlackBerry roadmap, which more or less confirms everything we already knew, but with some timescales added to the mix.

First up is the launch of a new PlayBook, although the fact that it is down as a 4G PlayBook pretty much rules out a UK launch. At least, it does when it lands in the fourth quarter of 2012. More interesting is the BlackBerry 10 schedule.

A European launch is said to be taking place in the first week of January 2013 – that's ahead of the US launch, which is something of a first. Seems RIM thinks we're going to be more receptive to new BlackBerry hardware.

The first hardware looks to be the London and Nevada, previously leaked as the L-Series and N-Series, the former being a touch-screen, the latter with a QWERTY.

After that, the roadmap points to a BlackBerry 10 upgrade for the PlayBook (Q1/Q2 2013), a new BlackBerry device called the Nashville (Q2/Q3 2013), a 10-inch PlayBook running BlackBerry 10 (Q3 2013) and finally, another BlackBerry smartphone called the Naples, scheduled for the end of next year.

Looking at those dates, it seems unlikely that the majority are off the drawing board as yet, with RIM likely to be focusing on those launch devices, especially if the big BlackBerry 10 launch is so early in 2013.

But it does all point to a busy year for the company – arguably the most crucial one in RIM's history too.

Source: BlackBerry OS

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