Apple working on iTunes makeover

According to people 'with direct knowledge of the matter', Apple is looking at a major revamp of iTunes before the year is out.

Those sources have been speaking to Bloomberg, claiming it is 'one of the largest changes to the world’s biggest music store since its 2003 debut'. The idea is to integrate its iCloud file storage service with iTunes so users can 'more seamlessly access and manage their music, videos and downloaded software apps across different Apple gadgets'.

With more content available on the iTunes store, the overhaul is intended to improve how people manage all their files. That includes changes to how users find new material and how they access what they already own on different Apple devices.

As part of that, Apple also plans new features for sharing music, the sources say. The company has been negotiating with major record labels for rights that would let a user listen to a song sent to them from a friend for free. The idea is obviously to boost sales by using Apple's iPhone owners (for example) as marketing for the music.

If that sounds like Apple is moving towards a Spotify-like music model, well it isn't. That is something music labels have been encouraging the company to do, but Apple. as yet, doesn't seen convinced by the subscription idea.

It's not clear whether the revamp will come at the same time as the iOS 6 / iPhone 5 launch or after. Time will tell on that one, but changes will be coming ahead of Christmas, if those rumours prove too.

Source: Bloomberg

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