APP WATCH: Google Drive app launches for iOS

Google Drive launched back in April, with Google hinting at the time that an iOS app could be on the horizon. Indeed it was, and it has just hit the App Store.

Yes, the Android-only service (at least, mobile-wise) is now spreading the love Apple's way. Upload your files from your computer to your Google Drive space, which you'll have if you own a Gmail account, then access those files anywhere in the world from your iPhone or iPad. It really is that simple.

OK, there are a couple of things to consider. For one, you 'only' get 5GB of space to get you going. After that, you will have to pay for extra storage. Also, you will have to be online to access files in the 'cloud'. But wherever you are when you are online, you can grab your files. Also, you can opt to make certain files available offline, should you anticipate no network.

But there is one key thing missing here. Google isn't offering the option to edit your documents in the iOS version of Google Drive. Android offers it, so if might well come in a future update. But it is a glaring omission right now.

If you can live with that, the app is available now as a free download – and with that free 5GB space.

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