Amazon Kindle Fire 2 could launch next month

You know how we just wrote that Google could have the budget tablet market in the UK sewn up with the Google Nexus 7? Well, we might have been a little premature.

The current dominant force in that sector, at least in the US, could be about to hit back. We're talking about Amazon and specifically, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet, which was previously rumoured, but could be here sooner than we thought.

It could be here in July. Yes, just as the Nexus 7 hits the UK's virtual shelves. You wait almost a year for one, then two come at once. That's according to 'a credible source' at CNET, who claims the next generation Kindle Fire will be unveiled on 31 July.

Not a lot is known about the new device, but previous reports have pointed to a seven-inch tablet with a higher resolution 1280x800-pixel display, while the new rumour adds a camera and physical volume controls. A $199 price has also been cited, with the original Kindle Fire dropping to $149.

So where does the UK fit into this? Well, Amazon has announced that an Amazon Appstore for Europe is incoming, with the presumption that the Kindle Fire would launch at around the same time for the UK market.

Sales of the Kindle Fire have already started to slow and with the Nexus 7 arriving in a couple of weeks, that decline is likely to hasten. A new Kindle Fire really can't come soon enough for the company – and even then, the price will have to be right to convince us UK buyers to pick one up.

Source: CNET

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