Google Nexus 7 priced for UK

OK, the waiting is over and we had the official announcement of Google's first Android tablet, the Asus-built Google Nexus 7. So when can we get our hands on one in the UK? Soon is the answer to that.

Google hasn't wasted any time in offering up the launch details for the UK, which makes a refreshing change. In fact, if you go on the Google Play site now, you can order yourself one of the seven-inch tablets, but you'll have a little wait to get it.

Google is taking orders directly, which is likely to be the only way to get one for the forseeable future. The price is £159 for the 8GB capacity model, rising to £199 if you want 16GB capacity. Google is also throwing in £15 of credit to spend in the Play store too, as well as free content including your own copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

You can order now, but according to the shipping information, it will be sent out 'soon', which is down as two to three weeks. That's not long to wait – you can have it ready to go for your summer holidays.

We suspect the Nexus 7 will do rather well in the UK. We've missed out on a launch of the Kindle Fire so far, the device Google is aiming to beat. It's also an impressive piece of kit for the money too, with a seven-inch, 1280x800 high definition display, a Tegra 3 quad-core processor. a front-facing networking camera and a battery that offers up to nine hours of video from a single charge. The appeal increases even more if you already use Google for most of your online activities – this is a device built very much for a Google account.

The iPad might still rule the premium market, but Google could clean up at the lower price point. Unless of course, that iPad mini becomes reality.

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