Android Jelly Bean statue appears

It's all starting to come together. Google has erected a giant Android filled with jelly beans on the lawn of its campus in Mountain View, confirming what's been rumouring for months - Android Jelly Bean is about to land.

And land it will at Google's I/O developer's conference later today, where the search monolith is also meant to be launching its first own-brand tablet, the Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7, so it's said, will be running on a quad-core chip with a seven-inch screen at 1280x800 pixels, but eschewing a camera to keep costs down. In the US, its purported $200 price would be going head to head with Amazon's Kindle Fire, yet to launch on our side of the ocean despite Amazon's Appstore headed our way.

Jelly Bean will be v4.1 of Android, indicating a minor update to the overhaul that was v4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Hopefully this upgrade will be available to Android users faster than Ice Cream Sandwich has been rolling out to Android phones - despite official launch on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus last December, the ICS iteration has only managed to hit Samsung's Galaxy Tabs and the Sony Xperia S very recently.

Google should be revealing all in a matter of hours, so we'll have the full lowdown on Jelly Bean features soon.

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