APP WATCH: Apple launches Podcasts app

Apple was rumoured to be doing something a little different with podcasts for the iOS 6 launch, but surprisingly, a dedicated Podcasts app has arrived before the updated operating system.

You can get the app for free, which is good to go on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It offers up podcast playback and management, as well as a 'store' for new content, free or otherwise. If you want to play it, just click play to stream from your phone. Alternatively you can download for later as well as opting to subscribe.

Once you've subscribed, the app's main interface shows either a grid or list of your subscribed podcasts, which you can play offline if you have previously downloaded using the forward, back, and play / pause controls, as well as buttons that skip ahead 30 seconds and skip back 10 seconds.

There's also a standard progress bar you can drag and a button for sharing the podcast via email, iMessage, or Twitter. The app can also sync your playback position between devices – so if you start an episode on your iPad and want to finish on your iPhone, you can do just that.

The app is available to download now.

Source: The Verge

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