First BlackBerry 10 devices detailed

Back in May, we saw the developer phone, but now details of the first official launches have appeared online.

That's ahead of what's expected to be the official announcement in August, although we only have an internal document and a few other related facts to go on. But on the plus side, we do have (very) provisional images of both of those new models.

According to N4BB, which picked up the slide, the new models are the N-Series and L-Series. The N-Series, previously known as Nevada, will be the first BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard, an update of the Bold if you like. It's said to have a 720x720 screen resolution and will be using OLED screen technology.

The L-Series is a touch-screen device with 768x1280 screen resolution, with the aim of taking on the iPhone (which might still be the iPhone 4S). it will certainly have a better screen than the iPhone's Retina display.

As we hinted at there, the L-Series might be coming to market sooner than you would think. Rumours indicate that the phone will hit the shelves as early as the first half of September, although that's likely to be the US. RIM has a nasty habit of delaying devices for the UK.

The N-Series isn't going to launch until the first quarter of 2013, something that's likely to disappoint BlackBerry traditionalists. Expect this one to run and more details to appear in the coming weeks and months.

Source: N4BB

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