APP WATCH: Gmail for iOS updated

The Gmail for iOS app launched last November and by and large, left us pretty underwhelmed. But things have just got better with version two of the app.

Two key problems have been dealt with, but not a third. But let's look at the good first. The new Gmail app now has support for the Notification Center, which means you can set up banners, alerts and lock screen previews of your latest emails. That's a big one.

Another problem dealt with is the option to enable persistent login, which means your sessions no longer expire, so you don't need to keep entering your sign in details. Another big problem dealt with. The company has also added Gmail's 'send-as' feature too, so you can opt for an alternate sender if you like.

All good, but download the app and you can still only use it with a single Gmail account. That's an outstanding one and something hopefully Google will look at in future. But in the meantime, this is well worth getting if you want more interactivity options with your email than with the standard mail screen on your phone.

Source: The Verge

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