Samsung Galaxy Note 2 semi-official

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is accumulating more rumour headlines, with talk of new display tech and the Android Jelly Bean OS.

A report from South Korean paper MK Business News has dropped some hints from an undisclosed source about the phone: 'Samsung is in the midst of developing a large screen smartphone model with displays exceeding five inches,' also naming the device as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

A tweet from Samsung Mobile Arabia has also teased the device, posting: 'Which one of these are you excited about:#GalaxyBeam #GalaxyTab2 #GalaxyNote2 ? #Poll'. However, the channel isn't the official Twitter for the company.

Where the original Galaxy Note pushed the definition of a phone versus a tablet with a screen of 5.3-inches, the Galaxy Note 2 has been rumoured to pack an even larger display at 5.5 inches. But with Samsung's Galaxy S III superphone managing to squeeze a 4.8-inch screen into a barely-there bezel and super slim chassis, it's likely that Galaxy Note 2 will clock in a slimmer silhouette than its predecessor. The screen has been pipped to debut 'Unbreaked Plane' display tech too, which will keep the smartphone even svelter.

As we reported previously, some maybe-features include a 12-megapixel camera and the same Exynos 4 quad-core chip of the Galaxy S III.

Powering the phone will be Google's Jelly Bean update to its Android OS, which is likely to be fully unveiled this week.

Of course, with the original Galaxy Note a sleeper hit for Samsung - and Samsung's predilection for sequels to its popular handsets - a Galaxy Note 2 is pretty much a definite, the only question is when. And as the rumours go, it's very possibly October, around the time of the purported launch of the Apple iPhone 5.

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