Apple iPhone 5 likely to have 'micro' connector

The Apple rumour of the week is here and it relates to the less-than-thrilling topic of charging ports – but it could have massive ramifications for the weighty world of Apple accessories.

The Mobile Fun website is showing leaked drawings of the purported iPhone 5, which depict an appreciably smaller docking port. (Image, above, by TechCrunch.)

One that is, in fact, the size of a Micro USB, the universal port used by almost every mobile manufacturer and certainly the one on all new phones since 2011.

There's no confirmation on whether the port is indeed a Micro USB, or if Apple is continuing with a punier proprietary port in its walled garden of gadgetry – however, current Micro USB ports contain five connector pins, while the port seen in the leaked drawings has 19.

Whichever it is, it does mean that current iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories may not work with the new iPhone, even with a new cable or adaptor. Take Apple's older iPods – despite using a cosmetically similar 30-pin dock, they don't work with some newer speaker docks and accessories.

The upside is that if it does support the Micro USB standard, you and your iPhone will finally be compatible with the raft of accessories for just about any other smartphone out there... Either way, a sea change seems to be coming and we're looking forward to the likely launch date of September to find out what.


Source: Mobile Fun, TechCrunch

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