Google Jelly Bean confirmed as Android 4.1

Google is said to be launching its latest Android operating system next week, but someone has accidentally listed it on Google's own retail site.

Here's the story. A potential customer, browsing Google's US retail site, noticed a listing for an upcoming Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ smartphone. That listing stated it was 'the latest smartphone from Google' and 'the first phone with Androud 4.1 Jell…' That's not a typo by the way, the listing was cut short, but with enough detail to tell us Jelly Bean will be 4.1, not Android 5.0.

A tiny image of the phone was also listed, but so small, you can barely make anything out, even when you blow up the image size. You're not missing much, to be honest. The page was soon taken down and a new one doesn't mention the OS. But the damage has effectively been done. The image we have here is the previous Galaxy Nexus, which does look similar to the new phone in shape.

Google, as heavily rumoured, looks to be selling its new flagship phone directly, with a price of $400 (£255) in the US. All we know is that increased data speed is included (from the name).

More details should emerge at the Google I/O event next week, when the search giant is also expected to show off the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the operating system that runs them both. Stay tuned for that, when we hope the tablet lives up to all the expectation and lands with the budget price. As for the phone, well that's just a bonus.

Source: Droid Life

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