Hardware partners confirmed for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft showcased its Windows Phone 8 platform yesterday at a developers' gathering and just hours later, the hardware manufacturers have started to come forward with their plans for the platform.

Some of the names are fairly obvious or expected. Others are notable omissions. As you probably guessed, the queue is headed up by Nokia, with support also promised from big guns HTC and Samsung. Huawei is also included in the list of companies promising hardware around the time of launch.

But that does leave a few names missing. LG is the obvious one, despite recently denying it was ditching the Windows Phone platform. It might just be taking a break, as it hinted in the past, to focus on Android. That might be the case for other makers too, but you would think manufactures would be keen to get their names in the frame at a launch event, especially if they wanted to play a key role in its development.

That could all change by the time Windows Phone 8 gets to the shelves, which is likely to be sometime in autumn (October has always been talked about). That could be a busy time for sales too. As we mentioned in our initial report, existing Windows Phones will not be upgrading to the new platform, which could mean a few contract renewals around that launch date.

If you do upgrade, Microsoft is planning to support the new platform for at least 18 months, with updates offered over-the-air (OTA) and without the need for network sign-offs.

Plenty more to come from Windows Phone 8, that's for sure, especially as we approach that October launch.

Source: TechRadar

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