Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has yanked the covers of its new Windows Phone OS, now offically known as Windows Phone 8.

At the developers' keynote, a sneak peak preview revealed an OS that will support multi-core processors – up to a whole 64! – displays up to a 1280x768 resolution and external memory cards.

The software will run on a code kernel also powering Windows 8 and Windows RT, the platforms Microsoft uses for its computers and tablets. In other words, as the Microsoft speaker reiterated repeatedly, your Windows Phone 8 phone will be just like a PC, with apps and games that can run just the same on either platform.

Speaking of 'your' Windows Phone – if you currently own a Windows handset, it will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 as it just won't support those spanking new hardware requirements.

NFC will be supported in the new phones as well, which should be launching in the fall, right around the time of Microsoft's new Surface tablets.

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