No more tablets, says LG

We won't be seeing any tablets from LG this year, as the Korean manufacturer will instead put its thinking cap on exclusively for smartphones.

Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG, told Bloomberg News: 'We’ve decided to put all new tablet development on the back burner for the time being in order to focus on smartphones.'

Last year, LG only released the Optimus Pad, an 8.9-inch Android Honeycomb tab that launched to a tepid reception – so unless you were keeping a really close eye, you may not miss its presence in the tablet market.

It recently launched the style-centric L Series smartphones, while a quad-core HD phone, the Optimus 4X HD, has been confirmed to launch sometime in June.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has finally announced its Windows 8 tablets, dubbed Surface – though Hong said 'LG doesn’t see Surface competing with anything we’re focusing on at the moment'.

LG and HTC are two major mobile manufacturers who've stayed mum on the tablet front this year, while the projected £50bn market continues to be duked out between Samsung's Galaxy line, Asus's Eee Pads and of course, those iPad things.

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