APP WATCH: Spotify mobile updated

Spotify is currently rolling out an update for mobile users, with radio being the key update for anyone taking the music streaming service out and about.

Not radio in the Radio 1 or Radio 2 sense, this is your own generated radio station, as currently featured on the desktop version. You can generate an unlimited number of radio stations, using artists, albums, songs and Spotify playlists as a basis. Once you've created one, you can also do the sharing thing, promoting your radio station via your Facebook stream,.

You can flick through the tracks, with songs you love populating a 'Like From Radio' playlist, making them accessible on different devices. There's also functionality across different devices, so you can start a station on your iPhone, then carry on listening on your tablet, laptop, desktop or whatever other device you are accessing Spotify from.

Downside? It seems like this will be a Premium user-only service in the UK, although the US gets it across the board. But if you are using Spotify on the go, there's every chance that you are a Premium user anyway.

The iOS version is currently rolling out, with the Android update following over the next few weeks.

Source: Engadget

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