Mozilla Junior browser heading to iPad

There are plenty of browsing options available for the iPad, not to mention the Safari browser that comes pre-installed. Despite that, Mozilla thinks there's room for one more, the Junior browser for the iPad, which is very different to the synching effort for iOS. It's a proper standalone browser.

Mozilla's Alex Limi showed off the new browser to the company's Product Design Strategy team last week, commenting: 'We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor,' adding that Safari for iPad was 'a miserable experience', even if it was currently the best option out there.

Mozilla's answer is a new product, as the company cannot port its desktop browser over to Apple's tablet. It's also very different to Safari. There are no tabs here, it's a full-screen experience using two main buttons – a back button and a 'plus' button.

Hit the latter and you'll be offered recent pages you've browsed, an 'icon-heavy' list of favourites/bookmarks, and a unified search/URL bar at the bottom. When entering a search query, results will populate over the favourites section, eliminating any need to leave this home screen. You'll also have options like reload, forward, and print. On top of that, and with one eye on the iPad being a 'shared' device, there's also the ability to create separate user accounts for private browsing.

So when can you get it? Not for a while, by the sounds of things. Some fundamental features are still missing and there's still some discussion over what the final version will actually feature. But it might not be alone in competing with Safari when it does appear. Interestingly, Limi added that Google is working on bringing Chrome to iOS 'soon'. More on that when we hear anything.

Source: The Verge

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